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What is a Career in Organic Farming?

Career in Organic Farming

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Organic Farming

I am very curious about a Career in Organic Farming. Almost everyone seems to be talking about How to start a Career in Organic Farming, while I want to first develop an understanding of What is a Career in Organic Farming. In my quest to learn more about a Career in Organic Farming, I found this amazing page:

Pramod Kimothi's take!
Pramod Kimothi has 10 years & 5 months of professional experience in Organic Farming. Pramod Kimothi has worked in Organic Farming as Farm Incharge in Navdanya Biodiversity Farm. In Pramod Kimothi's own words, this is how Pramod Kimothi got into Organic Farming: "After completing my B Sc (Zoology, Botany, Geology) and Masters in Botany from PG College, Gopeshwar, I worked as a JRF (Mistletoe) at DBS College. I have also worked with various NGOs before joining Navdanya Biodiversity Farm. I am Farm Incharge there." I searched Pramod Kimothi on Google and found this profile:

Career Video on Organic Farming
In a video, Pramod Kimothi has talked about various aspects of a Career in Organic Farming. Pramod Kimothi started by explaining Organic Farming as: "Organic Farming relies on fertilizers of organic origin such as compost manure, green manure, and bone meal and places emphasis on techniques such as crop rotation and companion planting. Biological pest control, mixed cropping and the fostering of insect predators are encouraged." It was a very interesting video and I enjoyed watching it.

In this video Education was discussed as theoretical topics needed to excel at Organic Farming, and not as Qualifications needed to enter Organic Farming. Pramod Kimothi touches upon these in the Education section of the Video:
Training & Development
Sowing & Harvesting
Mix Cropping & Crop Rotation
Pest Management
Seed Selection, Conservation & Storage
Basics of Farming
Skills are the most important factor determining success in a particular Career.
Pramod Kimothi then explains why these Skills are essential for a Career in Organic Farming:
Convincing Skills
Farming Skills
It is important to get an understanding of the Positives of this Career.
Pramod Kimothi believes that the following are some of the Positives of a Career in Organic Farming:
Health Benefits
Saving the Ecosystems
Saving Mother Earth
There are a few Challenges in this Career which one needs to be cognizant of.
And, Pramod Kimothi believes that one needs to prepare for following Challenges of a Career in Organic Farming:
Lack of Support
Making People Aware

In the final section of the video Pramod Kimothi talks about How a day goes in a Career in Organic Farming. This video is by far the best video on a Career in Organic Farming, that I have ever come across. To see the full Talk, one needs to install the LifePage Career Talks App. Here is a direct deep link of the Video:
Career Counseling 2.0
Having gained so much from a professional perspective on a Career in Organic Farming, I wanted to learn about other Careers on LifePage. LifePage allows you to explore thousands of Career Options. LifePage is the world’s most evolved Career Platform. You can use LifePage to find your Career Objective. LifePage also offers the most comprehensive Career Planning process. You can use LifePage to explore more than a thousand Career Options. LifePage has the most exhaustive Career List. It is truly Career Counseling 2.0 Every Career Platform in the world talks about How to get into a Career and LifePage starts first with Why you should choose a particular Career. It is an incredible platform focussed on the right topic. Do have a look at:

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