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Introducing accounts and private snippets


We are excited to announce the launch of our newest features.

Until now, every snippet - its metadata and content, albeit not listed publicly on the site itself, could be accessed by anybody with a valid link - that includes web crawlers, malicious scripts attempting to enumerate the website's database, or link preview bots for apps like Facebook (and Messenger), WhatsApp or Twitter.

Another inconvenience stemming from the lack of accounts: the snippet could not be modified or deleted in an easy way once it was submitted to the site. That was unsuitable if one wanted to limit how long the content would be available here for other people to view.

We have addressed both of these problems. You can now register a account, completely for free, with no limit on storage size. All you need is a valid e-mail address.

With an account, you can create private snippets that can be accessed only by you. You can also create public snippets, same way as before, with an option to delete them later. All created snippets are shown chronologically on the list once you've logged in. team