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Supplier Engagement - Gaining Feedback and Insights from Suppliers - FOTP Research

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We conduct supplier engagement feedback research driven around the specific needs of our clients, in terms of scope, process and deliverables.

As a key Stakeholder Group, your Suppliers are crucial in enabling you to develop the products/services to better meet your customers’ requirements. Suppliers can range anywhere from Transactional to Strategic, from Exclusive to Shared and more and more frequently are being considered pivotal to enable a company to deliver its business plans. Given the growing importance of suppliers, it is becoming increasingly relevant to understand their views and gather their feedback. In an increasingly competitive environment, to have strong, positive, collaborative relationships with your key suppliers is becoming a strategic imperative and key competitive advantage.

Suppliers often have choices: who they work with, who they invest with, who they chose to develop strategic relationships with. The most successful companies often have the most successful supplier relationships with strong supplier engagement. But how do you know how successful your supplier relationships are, without some form of measurement.

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